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Giolong Group website



23 May 2024


Giolong Groupe is a renowned company based in Montreal. For more than 25 years, it has offered its customers services such as Audit and quality control, logistics coordination, product development and much more. Our team therefore had the honor of working with their marketing team in the complete redesign of the site.

Redesign of the Giolong Group website

In order to increase their visibility on the net, the company contacted us for a complete overhaul of an existing site. As a mission, we therefore had to be responsible for:

  • Propose and help choose a design for the new site. Indeed, the company wanted to have a completely different site from the previous one. We then had to shop around and come up with several designs.
  • Develop a theme suited to their needs. We also collaborated in the development of the theme that we had to integrate into a CMS for the design of the site.
  • Choose extensions. To speed up the development process, we also picked out a few reliable extensions to use for the project.
  • Perform integration, development, validation and training.

Some important elements of the project

We worked with Giolong Groupe to create a website adapted to the realities of their company. In addition, we have made sure that the site is easy to manage and maintain. Below are some features of the site:

  1. 100% suitable for all types of platforms (Mobile, tablet or desktop). We have worked on the ergonomics of the site in order to reassure ourselves of reaching the target, whatever the size of their device.
  2. A 100% turnkey solution . Giolong's marketing team is able to handle the management of the site as easily as possible. Indeed, to allow the team to better manage the website, we had to create a solution with a content manager. This should allow the company to take care of updates and contact us only for more complex needs.
  3. A site that respects W3C standards. We have taken the time to validate all our HTML syntaxes. To improve visibility on search engines, it is essential to have a website that respects a set of standards.
  4. A powerful solution. Performance is a key factor in keeping customers on your site for as long as possible.

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