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Gaining Money by being popular on Social media has never been that easy, but you need to know how. Are you popular on Social media? How much do you gain from that? It is unfortunate to see people with a big number of followers that gain nothing out of that. In fact, when using social media or IT tools wisely, you can actually generate extra cash without much effort. The purpose of this article is to show you how to gain money by being popular on Social media just by creating a blog page. In order to achieve that, I will give you 4 practical steps that can help you to achieve that.

Gainning money by being popular start by identifying what makes you unique

I am one of those that believe that each one is unique. For instance, me being good at BasketBall, for example, doesn’t mean that you have to be good at the same thing. That is why it is really imperative to search deep inside you something that makes people follow you. If you are good at cracking jokes to make people laugh; then that might be your starting point. If are good at sharing cooking technics and have more comments or followers; then use that to your advantage … This is just to say that, you should not necessarily copy from someone else success. Once you have identified your uniqueness then you have your topics for your next blog. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a free blog for your content

Whenever you are writing your content on social media; you are feeding that media usually for free. As a matter of fact, since you are surely using the platform for free; you will probably gain nothing out of that. However, if you have a personal blog, you could use the following steps to have social media or search engines to pay you. There are many ways to create a blog. The cheapest options are free to blog systems.E.g:,

Step 2: Create Google Adsense account. Copy and paste Adsense code into your website/blog

AdSense is a simple and free way of gaining Money by placing advertising on your website. For instance, with AdSense, Google places adverts on your website in order to help companies get leads or customers. As a return you receive payment for helping those Businesses. If you want to learn more about Google Adsense, visit this website . Feel free to contact us for any question

Step 3: Start writing your content on your blog page instead of Social media

Each time you feel like writing a post on social media, you can do that by writing an article on your blog page and then share it on social media. Advantages of doing that will be to get your followers to visit as much as possible your blog page and generate more traffic on your website. And as mention above, the more you have traffic, the more you increase your chances of making money from Google.

Step 4: Populate your website with content regularly

Once your blog is created and all the Google Adsense settings have been done; make sure to populate your blog regularly. For instance, you can only attract visitors and keep your traffics by populating your blog with content. I will advise doing that on regular bases – daily, weekly or whenever your can.

Bonuses: Other means of Gaining Money by being popular

Note that beside Adsense, you can use other means to gain money out of your popularity on social media. For examples:

  • Writing blogs or articles for companies
  • Adding search bar code for Bing/Google on your website
  • Using your network to influence people to buy a product/service

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