eCoPartage - Online solution for sharing objects between individuals.

eCoPartage – Online solution for sharing objects between individuals.




18 April 2024


2 mois

The Prositeweb team is proud to present eCo Partage. Indeed, we have developed an innovative solution to encourage the donation, sharing, and reuse of objects in an effort to promote more responsible and sustainable consumption. eCo Partage perfectly illustrates our ability to transform ambitious ideas into functional and engaging digital realities.

The need

The need for a platform like eCo Partage arises from an alarming observation about waste and overconsumption in our society. Therefore, the goal was to create a space where users can easily donate and collect items. And, for this reason, reducing waste and promoting the circular economy.

The challenge

The main challenge lay in creating an intuitive and secure interface that facilitates interactions between donors and recipients. In addition, it was crucial to ensure the reliability and scalability of the platform to support its future evolution.

Technological Choices

To meet these challenges, we have opted for a robust combination of proven and modern technologies:

  • WordPress for flexible content management and a solid foundation.
  • PHP and Twig for dynamic server logic and efficient model rendering.
  • Bootstrap for responsive and adaptive design, ensuring an optimal user experience on all devices.
  • REST API to facilitate integration and interaction with other services and applications, allowing easy extension of functionality.

Our approach

We took a tailor-made approach to the development of eCo Partage, designing a website that adapts to both user needs and specific project requirements. In addition to the public interface, we have developed an intranet for users, allowing smooth management of announcements, interactions and validations.


eCo Partage has quickly established itself as a reference in the field of sharing and reuse of objects, with:

  • A significant increase in the number of active users and items traded.
  • Extremely positive user feedback, highlighting the ease of use and the positive impact of the platform on the environment.
  • Increased visibility on the issues of responsible consumption and waste.


The success of eCo Partage demonstrates Prositeweb's expertise in developing tailor-made web solutions meeting specific needs. Our commitment to innovation and quality. Customer satisfaction continues to guide our projects, making us a partner of choice to realize your digital ambitions. Explore eCo Partage on https://ecopartage.org/ and discover the result of our passion and dedication. Do you have a similar project? You can contact us for a free evaluation.

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