Electronic Business | Development, Implementation, API

The process of developing or implementing digital solutions is a crucial step in standing out from the competition. At Prositeweb we support you throughout the process.


Intranet and extranet development

Setting up an intranet or extranet requires specific expertise that you will find at Prositeweb. Indeed, our team supports you in the selection and development of solutions perfectly suited to your needs.

Artificial intelligence

Integrate artificial intelligence into your business process through connection to APIs, automation, development and training. We are professionals in the development and integration of modern solutions.

Custom website development

Establish a robust online presence with our turnkey corporate website. Designed to meet your professional needs, it ensures a quick and efficient deployment without any fuss.

Mobile and web applications development

Turn your ideas into powerful digital solutions with our custom web applications. Moreover, we ensure smooth software integration to optimize your business processes.

Online stores and eCommerce development

Boost your online business with custom-designed eCommerce websites tailored to your needs. Benefit from a robust and user-friendly platform to provide your customers with an unparalleled shopping experience.

Why choose Prositeweb for your electronic business?

Why choose Prositeweb for your electronic business?

Our commitment to excellence. Indeed, our personalized approach and technical expertise allow us to provide e-business solutions that not only meet your current needs, but are also scalable for the future. We don't just build solutions; we build partnerships to ensure your long-term success in the digital world.

What our customers say about us

Edgard You

Having worked with Prositeweb and Gilblas for a few months, I recommend it thanks to its responsiveness and expertise in development/Full Stack/Magento.

What our customers say about us

Marketing Coordinator @Always

Martin Beaudet

At the beginning of 2024, we worked with Prositeweb, Gilblas and it was a real pleasure and success. It comes down to follow-up, communication and competence. This is what we are looking for when we entrust a personalized web mandate (API) like ours. Chapeau, Prositeweb, Gilblas, I recommend it and I will work with it again without a doubt.

What our customers say about us

President @Authen-tic

Tchetcha Dany Jauresse

Prositeweb uses the latest technologies in website development and software. Also master e-commerce marketing.

What our customers say about us

Executive assistant @Dany Jauresse Tchetcha

Lucy Vannelli

Professional and very competent x

What our customers say about us

President @DressScoop

Electronic Business: Development, Implementation and Integration of APIs

In today's digital world, e-business is at the heart of business transformation. At Prositeweb, we understand the importance of this evolution and offer comprehensive services to support your transition to digital. Our expertise covers custom development, efficient implementation of e-business solutions and API integration for optimal automation and interoperability.

Custom Development

Our approach to e-business development is focused on creating solutions that specifically meet your needs. Whether you are looking to launch an online store, develop a service platform or optimize your internal processes, our team has the expertise necessary to transform your vision into reality!

  • E-commerce : Creating attractive, easy-to-navigate and secure online stores.
  • Corporate Portals : Development of custom portals to improve internal and external collaboration and communication.
  • Process Optimization : Automating business processes to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Effective Implementation

Successfully implementing an e-business strategy goes beyond just developing solutions. It includes strategic planning, careful system integration and seamless user adoption. Prositeweb is committed to ensuring that your transition to digital is as smooth as possible, with minimal operational disruption.

API integration

Interoperability and automation are crucial for businesses that want to get the most out of their electronic operations. We specialize in API integration, allowing your systems to communicate effectively with each other and with third-party applications. Whether to synchronize your data, extend the functionality of your website or automate tasks, our API integration solutions are designed to increase your productivity and efficiency.

  • Custom APIs : Development of tailor-made APIs to meet specific needs.
  • Third-party integration : Connecting your platform with external services to extend your capabilities.

You will find some of our solutions on WordPress.org .

Our expertise

Our team has had the opportunity to work with various external APIs and solutions. Among the solutions, we can cite:

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