Are you new to website creation and have heard of Drupal? Here is some info to know.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system based on the PHP scripting language. This software makes it possible to publish, manage and organize the contents of a website, and makes it possible to manage the organization and access rights of a community of users.

Why use Drupal?

Drupal is a tool that does not deny its popularity by presenting some interesting advantages.

A large community in support

This software is top-rated, so there is the possibility of being easily assisted by one of its users if a problem.

A wide variety of modules that satisfy its users

Drupal has at least 7200 modules. Moreover, with this system, you can customize these models according to your needs.

Its open-source character

Drupal is an open-source tool. It is then possible to modify and change it at any time, with ease and complete freedom.

Some advantages of Drupal

The software offers advantages among which we can mention:

Very high security

His team takes care of security and its modules by constantly checking its system to find any bugs. If a bug is found, the team is reassured to publish the corrections directly to the system to make use easy. They send out notifications to notify customers about new updates available.

The bases of the projects are already ready.

The Drupal system makes it possible to create complex sites without recreating basic functionalities with each new project. This allows you to focus on other essential elements such as ergonomics, design and SEO.

Multilingualism and translations

Drupal is a multilingual software. As a result, it offers several installation languages to its users. Each user can choose his language for the administration interface. Too, it offers full translations, with the possibility of managing them as subdomains.

The limits of this system

Like any computer system, Drupal does not only have advantages. Here are some disadvantages:


Because of its flexibility and scalability, the system sometimes resources intensive. Generally, it is not suitable for some low-cost accommodation.

Not suitable for small projects

The complexity of Drupal makes its use disproportionate for simple sites of a few pages, for example.

A non-user-friendly interface

Drupal has an administration interface that is not very popular in terms of its intuitiveness. Therefore, the learning curve of the software is longer than that of its competitors.

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