Do we really still need a website?

With the possibility of promoting its activities online, many people wonder if we really need a website. Indeed, thanks to social media, you can promote your activities very easily. By using just Facebook, thousands of people are able to generate huge amounts of money. In addition, web solutions such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram have mechanisms that promote conversion. Today we are going to look into the matter. We will first say in which case you should focus on social media. Then, we will see how a website can be essential.

Social networking concept

How is social media increasingly acting as stand-alone web solutions?

In the basic perception of a business, the end goal is to have customers or potential buyers. Because of this, social media gives you the opportunity to do so without having to rely on a website. For example, if you are a housekeeping company, and offer your services to people in your locality. You can create a Facebook page, integrate a Marketing tool such as MailChimp or WhatsApp. Thanks to this, you are able to build a clientele without much hassle.

Social media offers an incomparable door. Thanks to its very large community, no one can deny the fact that it helps thousands of businesses and young entrepreneurs throughout the moment. Here are just a few examples of what social media can do for you.

  • Have a web page to present your products and services . Whether you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other network, you have a space dedicated to companies wishing to promote their activities.
  • The e-commerce option (especially on Facebook and Instagram). You can create your store directly on Facebook and sell to your customers. Facebook in particular offers the possibility of connecting your site with WhatsApp to complete the transaction.
  • Take advantage of the high audience rate on the net. Millions of people around the world connect to social media every day.

If you wish, you have no interest in having a website for your activities as social media makes it easy to manage your activities. However, on a large scale and in the long run, this can be overwhelming.

Businesswoman in hijab working on laptop at desk in a modern office
Businesswoman in hijab working on laptop at desk in a modern office

How to profit from a website?

Through a website, you can promote your services and products. This is because unlike the conventional approach, where you would have to have multiple salespeople to reach customers. Or focus on local customers, a website gives you some reach. For example, you can offer your services to customers outside your country. If you want, you can sell online 24/7. The web has brought about a certain revolution.

The website fills some social media limitation. We can give you some examples below.

A website is yours.

When you sell on an external platform, you are subject to the terms and conditions and policies of that platform. To that end, your vision and your approach is governed by their policy. We constantly see complaints from bloggers or Video Content Producers about changes to their favorite platform. A major change on a platform that you trust can literally send you out of business.

Your website can help you better define your strategy

With a website, you can install static tools to have data related to traffic sources. And by better evaluating your profitability or failure for a better evolution.

Easily develop your identity or brand

You have the flexibility in modifying the structure of your website. And in addition you can give the direction you want to your activities without too much constraint. Unlike a social media page which has a predefined structure, a website brings a certain uniqueness.

Large-scale sales

So far, social media does not offer the option to make payment through their platform. You must have to deal with the customer outside the platform to get payment for your products or services. Via a website, for example, you can configure the payment method. So your site can facilitate 24-hour operations.

You are in control of your content

Several platforms decide what you can publish as content. An approach that is not bad in itself. However, when selling products or services, you may be required to use terminologies that could be offensive from a platform perspective. In this case, the platform becomes a barrier to the development of your activities. On your website you have some freedom and power.

Combine the possibilities of your website with the power of social media

Combining your website with various external tools can promote your growth on the net. Indeed, to have greater visibility, you can for example have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram page. Thus the promotion of your products and services will be more effective.

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