360° support in eCommerce design

We help you design your eCommerce from start to finish. Indeed, we are with you from the analysis stage to the management of your store. In our process, we use modern web design tools such as Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop or Shopify to provide you with unique solutions.With many years of expertise in other assets, we can offer you the expertise you need to stand out. Development of customized models We can create one from scratch that fits your needs 100%, or we can make a few tweaks to ensure you have less of an impact on load time or security. Development of extensions and modules If you need custom plugins or modules to extend the current functionality of your website, you have surely come to the right place. Update and redesign of an existing ecommerce If you are unhappy with your current e-commerce, we can work together to improve or redesign

Creation of a new website for your company

Creating a new website is not always easy. First, you need to plan and cover various aspects. Next, you need to make sure your website will stand out from the competition. At Prositeweb, we make sure to help you in the process. Connecting eCommerce with third-party solutions Are CRMs, ERPs or marketing tools part of your company's activities? Our team can work with you to connect your third-party solution to your e-commerce.

Performance and SEO optimization

Performance, security, and SEO are key to generating revenue for your business. We can work together to bring your website to its full potential.


PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to pay for goods, receive payments, or even send and receive money. It is the undisputed world leader in online payment. This bank belongs to the leading eBay group. And generally allows you to send and receive payments online. PayPal is therefore an issuer of electronic money and not a bank, and therefore does not offer bank cards, remunerated accounts, or other financial services.

What is PayPal used for?

PayPal is an American company used to offer online payment service systems worldwide. The platform also serves as an alternative to payment by check or credit card. The site operates here as a payment method for e-commerce sites, auctions and other commercial uses for which they receive a fee in exchange for profit such as a one-click transaction and a registration of a password. The PayPal payment system, which is also called PayPal, is therefore considered to be a payment platform.

What is special about PayPal?

PayPal has the particularity of helping to protect your credit card information thanks to the best systems on the market for security and fraud prevention. When you use PayPal, your financial information is never communicated to the merchant, this is one of the peculiarities of PayPal.

The benefits of PayPal

The advantages of PayPal are numerous and diverse, we can mention:
  • Secured.
  • No charges.
  • You don't need to insert your credit card number on suspicious sites.
  • PayPal is used both on PayPal and several other merchant sites such as Cdiscount for example.
  • If you do not receive your item after paying by PayPal, you are automatically refunded.
  • By using PayPal, you receive your money directly and do not waste time with unnecessary trips to the bank.

The disadvantages of PayPal

PayPal not only has advantages, it also has several disadvantages including:
  • Using PayPal may seem incomprehensible at first.
  • If your password is stolen, anyone will be able to make purchases without your permission. It is therefore essential to choose a fairly complicated and non-intuitive password.
  • Another of the disadvantages not to be overlooked: these are the fees and commissions charged if you do not pay in euros or if you do not make purchases in the EEA, this unlike a credit card which is theoretically accepted everywhere

How do I start using PayPal?

Creating a PayPal account is done in a few minutes and very simple. All you have to do is enter your contact details and your credit card number. So, in this way, you will never have to indicate it again. Once the PayPal account is created, just browse eBay looking for the products that suit you. If any of them interest you, it will be enough to bid or make a purchase immediately. Finally, to pay, you will need to connect to PayPal and click on the payment validation button. Thus, your credit card will be debited without you even needing to bother to insert the codes.


Squarespace is a website builder designed to help creative minds and even website owners create amazing sites. With this builder, you don't need any coding knowledge, all you need is a bit of time, and you'll have a beautiful website, complete with things like built-in payment tools for commerce email, a personalized domain name and also SSL certificate protection. Squarespace can be seen as a feature-rich and even flexible solution for website design, however, when shopping for a product among a large number of competitors like Shopify, Weebly, and WordPress, budget is likely to be a critical consideration. . However, the good news is that you can take advantage of a fairly wide range of Squarespace packages. Squarespace Benefits Squarespace offers a wide range of benefits, including:
  • It has a CMS with nice templates available : although the number of templates from the American publisher is limited (it barely offers 60 templates), it still allows you to make beautiful and visually pleasing sites.
  • Complete and responsive customer support: One of the advantages that should not be overlooked is that it offers a very responsive live chat.
  • Improved Payment Methods: One of Squarespace's strengths is that it has been able to diversify its payment methods. If in the past the CMS only offered Stripe as the only payment option, it now allows you to make financial transactions with PayPal and Apple Pay, which is an advantage for your online store and your customers.
  • A perfectly optimized site : It provides you with fairly effective tools that will allow you to climb your site on the first pages of Google.
Disadvantages of Squarespace Squarespace also has disadvantages that we will subdivide into two main points:
  • Squarespace is a difficult tool to handle : The major drawback of this CMS is at the level of ease of use, we deplore here the fact that it is not really easy to handle.
  • Poor value for money : Another downside of Squarespace is the value for money. By making a comparison to all of its features, we will not say that it is the cheapest editor.


Symfony is therefore a PHP framework (web programming language) used to develop applications or websites. It is considered as one of the best framework in the creation of web application because it allows to obtain more flexibility

What is Symfony used for?

Symfony is a PHP framework (web programming language), it is used for the development of applications or websites. It is therefore considered as one of the best framework in the creation of web application because it allows to obtain more flexibility. It is also quite easy to learn, thanks to the many documentations available online. Moreover, the debugging tool on Symfony is very powerful. Debugging is used here to identify and fix your faults in the code. This tool therefore saves you considerable time in the development phase of your application. Symfony is therefore a powerful PHP framework used to develop complex or even high-end web applications or websites. Relatively easy to access, Symfony is a set of components or "libraries" that facilitate web development by considerably reducing the time and effort required to create components for the development of a website.

What is special about symfony?

Symfony has the particularity to meet any of your needs for a website. Where a more traditional CMS will meet 70% of your needs, providing sometimes superfluous functionalities or requiring additional customization work, Symfony will meet 95% of your highly customizable needs.

The advantages of symfony

The main advantage that Symfony offers us lies simply in the fact that it is a framework that allows us to save quite a lot of development time. Once you master Symfony, you quickly understand how essential it is. This is therefore a significant help in the organization of our project. The Symfony framework thus prepares the ground by providing a certain structure, thus allowing us to have an organized, well-structured and therefore “tidy” code. A correct and organized architecture is therefore more than necessary today, especially if you are not alone in working on the project. Second, an important point that should not be overlooked is the community. All the developers know it besides, when one codes, Internet is our most faithful friend. In this case with Symfony no problem. It is therefore one of the most used frameworks, the community is very active. As soon as you encounter a problem that you are unable to correct, you can therefore question the community, thus using the framework normally allowing you to be unblocked fairly quickly.

Disadvantages of symfony

Symfony does not only have the advantages, but all the time, if there is a disadvantage with Symfony, it is learning. From the start, this disadvantage can quickly discourage you and cause you to give up. It is more complicated to learn this framework than the language on which it works. The language is therefore quite heavy and complex to handle. You should still know that today there is a symfony agency that can support you in the development of your web project. Finally, not everyone will benefit from using this framework. Due to its size, it is more intended for large projects and does not correspond to small projects, which is why you will not use it, for example, if you want to create a simple website.

How to start using symfony?

To get started with the Symfony framework, you need a few prerequisites, among these prerequisites, we can mention having a minimum knowledge of Object Oriented Programming Understanding how the MVC structure works (Symfony is based on this architecture) If you have already these prerequisites, then you can easily start with Symfony. On the other hand, by their structures, the frameworks can be complicated to handle at the beginning. It is for this reason that it is necessary to have some prerequisites when one wishes to use it. Symfony is a framework written in PHP. It is therefore essential that you have a good foundation in PHP, especially in programming.

web server

The expression Web server (also known as http server), refers to any type of server that allows Web content to be distributed over the Internet or Intranet. As part of a computer network, the web server transmits documents (from a web page to a browser for example) to what is called a client. In other words, the expression web server can in general refer to two different things: either the software of a web server, or the machine on which the program is executed. When it comes to the second definition, we generally speak of a host or a host (such a host can house several Web server programs).

What is the web server used for?

A web server is basically used to save web content and also to ensure its accessibility to users in a safe way. When you load an Internet address into your web browser, what you see on a page is always sent to your computer from a web server. For a website to be accessible at all times, the web server on which it is hosted must be permanently connected to the Internet. On the other hand, if you want to launch a website on the Internet, you must therefore use a web server. Large companies and organizations very often have their own web servers for their intranet and internet content. Most website administrators very often use data centers hosted by Internet service providers. It doesn't matter if you have a dedicated server or rent one externally, you will always need software to manage a website's data and keep it available to stakeholders. To do this, you can choose from many web server management programs designed for different operating systems and application areas.

What is special about web server?

A web server has the distinction of being a program that accepts requests for information and sends the required documents.

The benefits of web server

Web servers have the advantage of being able to store many websites and fully control their infrastructure. The web server here benefits from high-level security. Moreover, as you and your collaborators are the only ones to have access to this server, you have very little if not even no chance of being hacked. Another advantage of web servers is that it is much more stable and efficient than a shared server because it belongs to a single owner.

The disadvantages of web server

The first and biggest disadvantage of a web server is its price. This type of server is generally expensive and not available to everyone. Before opting for this solution, it is necessary to determine if it will really solve your problem.

How to start using web server?

To get started with the Web server, you must first open the Port Forwarding section (or NAT/Virtual Server or its equivalent, the name varies according to the manufacturer). In the Application field, type Web Server and in the IP Address column, enter the IP address of the PC that hosts your Web server. If you want to visit a website, you must therefore enter the corresponding Internet address in a browser. In other words, the browser sends a request to the web server and the latter sends it a response in the form of an HTML page.

WooCommerce Payment

WooCommerce Payment is a payment gateway that WooCommerce offers for WordPress websites. This gateway uses Stripe to easily configure online payments from your WordPress admin panel. Plus, with a verification package, you can get your money much faster. As part of web development, we use WooCommerce Payment which we can install and configure on your online store.

What is WooCommerce Payment used for?

WooCommerce Payments is actually developed and offered by WooCommerce itself, it offers a simple and intuitive payment gateway that will of course work with the WooCommerce system. So you can accept all major credit cards/debit cards and enable options for recurring payments and subscriptions. Seeing how the gateway is so ingrained in WooCommerce, all payment collection and money management is done in the WordPress dashboard. So you can submit refunds, view payments, and respond to chargebacks right from your dashboard. Couple that with low fees and basic editing settings and you've found the perfect payment solution for collecting payments online.

What is special about WooCommerce Payment?

WooCommerce Payments has the distinction of being a free extension to install and use regularly. Fees are set at 2.9 + 0.30 USD per transaction, with plus or minus 1% additional for cards issued outside the United States.

Benefits of Drupal

  • WooCommerce Payment integrates well with many other WooCommerce extensions, including WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • It grants direct access to all payments and settings in the WordPress dashboard, thus making it much easier to consolidate your workflow and stick to one area of the internet.
  • It's an option to accept payments from around the world, with some benefits of being a US merchant.
  • WooCommerce is an in-dashboard dispute management center.
  • This is a deposit setup area to ensure you receive all payments to your bank account within a reasonable time.

How to start using Drupal?

To start using WooCommerce, we first go to the WooCommerce settings, Payment Gateways tab, you must activate the payment method by check and specify the shipping address for the payment. However, you can also notify the customer that his order will only be processed upon receipt or even cashing of his check. You can also refund a payment by going to the specific order and clicking the Refund button via WooCommerce Payments.

WooCommerce default payment methods

WooCommerce distinguishes several default payment methods. When you launch an online business, you don't always know how successful you will be… or not. I think that starting sales by activating payments by check, bank transfer and Paypal is a good basis. However, if the turnover justifies it, switching to the secure payment by credit card offered by your bank will be the most effective solution and even certainly the least expensive. This solution can thus supplement or replace Paypal. However, you will need to contact your bank to set up a Distance Selling Agreement (VAD) and thus acquire a payment gateway compatible with your banking establishment.


When we talk about WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) we are referring to this WordPress plugin responsible for transforming a monolingual website, or a blog, into a multilingual platform. Something that is so much needed lately. It is a very popular tool, as it allows the user to translate their domain content into more than 40 different languages, with the advantage that the SEO work is completely uncompromised. Besides the fact that it is characterized by its intuition and has several resources that facilitate the whole process of translation. With this plugin, one gets apart from a manual translation also an automatic translation, where both can be worked on in parallel, so that the user can make sure that a good job has been done with their content.

What is WPML used for?

For everyone, structuring a multilingual website can be a big challenge. However, the features of WPML must make the task much easier, this because they bring many functionalities to the tool in general. • Allows SEO optimization. • Its compatibility with the themes is high • Translate the texts of the subjects • Allows optimal management in terms of translation • The tool gives you access to a network of translators.

What is special about WPML?

The particularity of WPML lies in the fact that it facilitates the creation and even the operation of multilingual sites. It is a very powerful tool for business sites and yet quite simple for blogs.

The benefits of WPML

The main specificities offered by WPML are the following: • SEO allows you to optimize your website independently, language by language. In addition, it is compatible with the main WordPress SEO plugins. • Reliability is a key benefit. Indeed, we notice that the work behind it is done by professionals. Thus, it has constant collaborations with other leading plugins, this to ensure compatibility, moreover to provide updates with very good timing. • It has a 30-day trial period, during which they refund you if you are not satisfied with the plugin, and without giving any reason. • Installation and configuration is very simple, fast and also safe, without the need to have prior programming knowledge. • E-commerce. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce. • With an original configuration, it is possible to translate the entire website from the first moment and in a very simple way.

Cons of WPML

However, like any other plugin, it also has drawbacks: • The main drawback here is the price. Although originally it was a free plugin, but currently we have to choose a payment method. Despite this small cons, we are talking about a still affordable price, and especially since, with a single payment, we can use WPML in any WordPress website we have. • Another disadvantage is the additional table. Unlike what happens with other plugins, WPML creates additional tables in the database, which can sometimes slow down the backend, but it will never affect the frontend.

How to start using WPML?

To use WPML, you must start by ensuring that your site meets the minimum requirements of WPML. Next, install the main components of WPML: • WPML Multilingual CMS (the main plugin) • String Translation • Media Translation They are available on the Downloads page of your account.


The Yoast plugin is a very popular SEO solution for WordPress sites. Yoast has been around since 2008 and has been downloaded millions of times. While many other plugins have been developed by WordPress users all over the world, Yoast still remains the most popular, thanks to its many automated features and the fact that virtually all essential on-page SEO functions Yoast are available in the free version.

What is Yoast used for?

• Yoast fulfills the function of being able to design the title with a good description to put it in the search engine, thus giving us the possibility of using a cover, sections and other components so that the title to be introduced in the system looks as striking as possible. • It is also used to show a title in a more specific way, to present the title in our social networks and to share it among users who visit it, providing them with an enjoyable and easy-to-digest experience. • Yoast SEO allows you to have a list of your domain's URLs and have Google show your page in search results, by configuring the entry of certain pages and categories, as it connects with Search Console. • It allows you to configure links, titles, URLs, descriptions, paths, etc. • It also has the ability to facilitate the process of sharing content on social networks created to promote the page, in the easiest and most attractive way possible for users. Its functions are easy to use even for the most novice in the subject of SEO with tools and configuration in search engines.

What is special about Yoast?

Using an SEO optimization plugin is essential today if you want your article to appear on the first page of Google and other search engines. However, it is not because you install Yoast SEO on your WordPress site that it automatically appears at the top of the SERPs, this plugin is a help, certainly, but there are many things to achieve. Choosing Yoast SEO as a companion in your SEO optimization is a wise choice. It is therefore indeed one of the best on the market, in addition to being the most recognized. Its free version already makes it possible to establish the bases of good practices in terms of SEO. But, understand one essential point: natural referencing has become a complex science for which you have to train as there are so many elements to take into consideration.

The benefits of Yoast

The main advantage that the Yoast SEO plugin offers is that it is compatible with other extensions, easy to use for beginners and also offers the advantage of blocking, which gives us control over our pages. Due to its age, it offers a lot of optimization benefits unlike other familiar plugins.

Cons of Yoast

In several cases, the disadvantage of this plugin is that it can overload WordPress, slowing down the performance of the latter and thus making it more difficult to spend time on the functions it provides, this can cause vulnerabilities in the security and the loading time.

How do I start using Yoast?

To start using Yoast, it is essential to locate the Yoast SEO extension found in the search results and click on “Install Now” or “Install Now” to begin the installation; After installation, click on “Activate” or “Activate” which is located in the installation confirmation message.

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