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1.0 Scope of this document

1.1 How to install the plugin.
1.2 How the plugin works.

2.0 Plugin Information

This plugin is used to get a quote regarding any product on the from the user. This plugin will help the website administrators to automate the process of receiving all the necessary information from the users with the product information they wish to purchase.
In this document, the user will completely understand how the plugin works with some screenshots.

3.0 How to install the plugin

The plugin can be installed with two methods.

3.1 Installing the zip file through cPanel.

1. Login to cPanel.
2. Select the WordPress Kit option on the sidebar (if using paper_lantern theme find the WordPress Toolkit option under the Domain tab).
3. On the navigation bar click on the tab plugin.
4. Select upload plugin.
5. Click on browse plugin and select the zip file.
6. Check the website on which the plugin should be installed.
7. Click OK, wait for the process to complete, and voila! the plugin  is successfully installed, now the plugin should show up under the plugin tab on your WordPress dashboard, the plugin can also be pre-activated on step ‘F’ by selecting the choice ‘Activate after installation’.

3.2 Installing the plugin using the WordPress dashboard.

1. Go to the WordPress dashboard.
2. Under the ‘Plugin’ tab click the ‘Add New’ button.
3. Click on the ‘Upload Plugin’ button and click on choose file.
4. Select the zip file.
5. Click install now.
6. Activate the installed plugin under the ‘Plugin’ tab, and voila! The plugin has been installed.

4.0 Plugin Functionalities

This plugin is easy to interact from both the perspective of a website administrator as well as a customer.

4.1 Customer usage of the plugin

A customer who visits the website to get an estimate or to get a quote for the product they want to buy will simply click on the ‘CONTACT US’ button that appears at the bottom of the brief description of the product, as shown in the image below,

When clicking on that button the user will be redirected to the webpage selected by the user from the website setting dashboard of the plugin when the customer will see a contact form which will look like the image below,

Here the customer will fill up their contact details and if you compare the product detail image and the form image you will see that the product name gets automatically populated under the product title text area so the customer can view that they are requesting a quote for the product they selected.

After filling up the details and requesting a quote or estimate, the user of this plugin will receive a mail with all the user details, and the product that the customer wants to buy with the product link.

4.2 Website administrator usage of the plugin

After installing the plugin, the client needs to set up the plugin settings.
To do that the user of the website can go under the WordPress dashboard, then go under the Settings tab, under the tab the user will see a sub-tab named ‘ Custom Product Link’.
At this stage, the user will view a settings page for the plugin which will look like the image below,

On this page, the user can view the plugin settings where the user can decide which page the customer should be forwarded to after clicking on the contact us button from the product description. ‘Sendcustom to (select a page)’ is the option where that should be selected. The contact form will automatically populate whichever page is selected so the user doesn’t have to manually add the form to the page.
‘send customer order to’ is the text area where the user will enter the email address on which they want to receive order details from the customer.
‘Do you want to enable model’ option is used if the user wants to enable a pop-up confirmation that the order request has been received by the customer.
‘color button’ option can be used to manually change the color of the buttons for the plugin which makes it easy to blend according to the website color combination instead of doing it manually by accessing the plugin files.
At this point the plugin is ready to be used, so to enable it on the products that the user wants to be shown.
The user can navigate to any product under their product tab, click modify or edit under the desired product and they will find the plugin enabling option, as shown in the image below,

Selecting yes will unable the contact us button on the selected product description making it fully functioning.
The text area below the plugin options where the user can enter custom information to show the customer for them to know why or if they have to contact the user to buy the specified product.

5.0 Thank you!

Thank you for reading about this awesome plugin from Prositeweb Inc. Finally, at Prositeweb Inc. We hope to serve you better with more awesome new plugins and software.

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