COVID 19 - Measure taken by Prositeweb to support customers

A thought to all those affected by COVID-19

Aware of all the devastation caused by the new COVID-19 virus, we especially wish to express our compassion to all those affected. Just like you, we are directly or indirectly affected. With our collective efforts, we are convinced that we will overcome this virus.

What we do to support our customers

The Prositeweb team will temporarily work from home. We have taken this action relates to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. To this end, we are putting in place a process to facilitate our activities’ smooth running. Thank you for trusting us, and we sincerely wish to continue your projects without interruption.

Considering the current situation, you can contacts/s/ us by phone at +1 (514) 548-2165 or by email. We have also set up a management tool, or you can submit your queries or check your projects’ status.

Via our tool, you could:

  • Submit all your new projects
  • Follow up on current projects.
  • Add new tasks
  • Chat live with our team members.

Thank you for having it with Prositeweb. We wish you health and prudence for you and your loved ones.

Some resources to help you on the web

Daily, we put in place technological content and advice to help you better cope with the Covid-19 crisis. Our advice, which is 100% geared towards using techniques, can help you better plan your electronic turn. Aware of all the measures to be observed, we believe that web solutions can support you. Indeed, websites, applications and software have the particularity of allowing you to continue your activities while maintaining a social distance. Below some articles already prepared for you

How to inform your customers about your new return conditions

With the closure of several companies or the reduction of activities, the conditions of return are affected. In this regard, informing your customers about the new conditions can help. We, therefore, offer you a fairly elaborate article to help you in this direction. To learn more about the article, visit this link.

How to redefine a new delivery policy

Whether you offer physical products or services to your customers, you are directly or indirectly affected by the delivery. Therefore, it would help if you considered the current situation to reassure yourself that you are not frustrating your customers. We offer you, via this article, approaches to take to inform your customers better.

Improve the web content of your site

The content of your website is the key to better SEO. We believe that with COVID-19, you will be less likely to meet your customers physically. For this purpose, the best mode of communication could be by phone and through your online content. We offer you our approach to adapt your content to the current situation.

You will find several other articles on our blog page

Some precautionary measures suggested by health Canada

Human coronaviruses can infect the nose, throat, and lungs. They spread most often:

  • Respiratory droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes
  • prolonged close personal contacts/s/ with an infected person, such as direct contacts/s/ or a handshake
  • by contacts/s/ with infected surfaces, followed by contacts/s/ of the hand with the mouth, nose or eyes before washing hands

Current evidence indicates that the disease is spread from person to person when there is close contacts/s/ between subjects. “

Visit the government website for more information.

Source: https://www.canada.ca/fr/sante-publique/services/maladies/2019-nouveau-coronavirus/prevention-risques.html


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