Improve the security of your web solutions

With the outbreak of COVID 19, cybercrime has increased dramatically. What action can be taken as a company to avoid falling into the traps of detractors? This article gives some tips to help you do this.

Improve the ranking of your site on search engines

Optimization for search engines allows you to improve the quality of your site to better position yourself on the net. Through this article, we give you tips that will help you easily achieve your goals.

Complete Guide to Building Ecommerce Platforms Using WooCommerce [Solution auto hébergée]

Are you interested in learning how to create a self-hosted website, in this article, we provide an easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement approach.

Creation of WordPress extensions – Development of a short code to display the extension on the pages

Today we will see how to create a WordPress plugin to display a contact form on a website. Thanks to today’s video, you will see how to use the “WORDPRESS PLUGIN BOILERPLATE GENERATOR” solution to generate the basic functionalities.

create your first WordPress theme – Part 2.

We will see how to create a WordPress theme from HTML 5. This video is Part Two of the “How to Create a WordPress Theme from HTML 5” video. Video tutorials and articles under 350 words

Create Your First WordPress Theme From Scratch In Just Nine Simple Steps – (Part 1)

Are you interested in developing WordPress themes? In this article / video, we show you how to create a WordPress theme from an HTML design. At the end of this video / article, you are going to be able to download an HTML theme and convert it to a WordPress theme.

How to install a local XAMPP server on a Windows operating system

In order to create a website on your computer, you need a local server. In this article, we explain how to install XAMPP on a computer with Windows operating system.

COVID 19 – Measure taken by Prositeweb to support customers

Find out what we do to support our customers. Prositeweb is open for remote work and offers a series of articles to support you in your activities.

What is Prositeweb’s specialty?

Prositeweb inc. is an agency specializing in the development of web solutions. Over the years, we have turned more and more towards e-commerce and SMEs.

Why Choose Prositeweb?

Prositeweb inc. has established over the years a standard based on the quality, performance and visibility of web platforms. Prositeweb inc. offers a 100 %% solution suitable for all types of operating system or screen; optimized for performance and safety.

Which tool to choose for the development of my site?

The choice of the tool for the development of its website depends on factors, among other things, the structure you want for your site, then your team and finally your level of knowledge of the techniques to use.


PHP is one of the most used tools in the development of web solutions. Indeed, it offers a lot of features which make the development process quite easy. In this article, we are going to talk about PHP development and some of its advantages

Angular JS

AngularJS is a free and open source JavaScript framework developed by Google. It allows to develop web pages.


Python is an interpreted, multi-paradigm, cross-platform programming language. It promotes structured, functional and object-oriented imperative programming


This article helps you to better boost your website and to migrate some features to Javascript. JavaScript can also help you better optimize the performance of your website or web application.

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