Prositeweb is looking for a versatile Administrative Agent. Indeed, to assist us in managing a set of administrative tasks, we would like to have a person with organizational skills in our team. You must have the required skills or related experience to fill this position.

Position Type : Permanent

Work timetable:  Full time – 37.5 hrs/week

Your daily life as a versatile Administrative Agent at Prositeweb

As an Administrative Agent, you will oversee the management of all the company’s administrative tasks. Tasks may include, but are not limited to:

  • File the documents. You will, for example, be responsible for archiving or storing company documents.
  • Invoice management. One of your tasks will be to make the payment within the company’s deadlines.
  • Respond to emails and phone calls.  You will be responsible for managing the reception of telephone calls and redirecting emails to the correct department.
  • Diary management. To be more productive, you may have to manage diaries or appointments.

Training required

To work as a Polyvalent Administrative Agent, you must have a college or university level. Alternatively, you are required to demonstrate expertise in a similar position.

Experience required

Having had the opportunity to work as a versatile Administrative Agent is a plus.

Very important for the position

To better adapt to the position, you must:

  • First of all, you must have a mastery of the office pack (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint). For example, you will need Microsoft Word for writing reports. Excel and PowerPoint will also be crucial for data entry and presentations, respectively.
  • Then you are required to be able to speak and write English and French. At Prositeweb, we constantly communicate in French. However, we have customers in the USA and English-speaking areas of Canada. Therefore, being able to communicate in English might help.
  • Finally, it would be best if you were based in Montreal. Most of the tasks you will be doing are in our offices in Montreal. To this end, being not very far from the office will be advantageous.

General skills

For the purpose of easy integration and learning, it would be desirable to have the following skills:

  • be autonomous in projects and take initiatives
  • Know how to work in a team
  • be proactive and dynamic

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