Prositeweb Inc. is a Montreal-based company that offers design and development services for web and e-commerce platforms. For our needs to increase project completion, we are looking for an Intermediate PHP Developer for a full-time CDI. We are looking for a dynamic person for an intermediate PHP developer within our team. The objective of this team is to create a virtual world allowing to interact directly with companies and individuals.

Job Description of a PHP Developer

Job titles: Intermediate PHP Developer

Service location : Montreal, Canada

Number of profiles sought : 1

Diplomas / Level of study:

Have a background in Information – DEC or Baccalaureate

Have at least 3 years of experience in the field of computer programming

Know French or English

Skills required for a PHP Developer

  • Mid-level experience in front-end web application development
  • You must at least master the use of WordPress and Drupal
  • Know the programming languages PHP, MySQL, HTML. JS
  • Be familiar with Git
  • Proficiency in other programming tools will be an asset
  • You must reside in Montreal (Position in the Montreal office)
  • Respect of deadlines
  • Able to self-train.


A PHP Developer will have to do the following :

  • Contribute to data analysis to guide product development;
  • Assist novice team members and perform code reviews;
  • Work with designers to improve design and user experience;
  • Contribute to development estimates and support product delivery;
  • Promote product development through judicious use of code;
  • Integration tests to verify all functionalities
  • Documentation production
  • Watch over new technologies
  • Understand the problem the software is supposed to solve and help design solutions that provide the best user experience;

Conditions of admissibility of applications

Interested candidates are requested to complete the form on the site. To achieve this, you can go to the site, contact us or visit our Facebook page directly.

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