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Do you want to pursue a career in software or website development? Prositeweb intends to work with you. Prositeweb is a Montreal-based web agency that works in the design of online stores, websites and custom software. We mainly work with content managers and frameworks.

The types of profiles we are looking for

Currently in full expansion, we are looking for several people wishing to pursue a career in the web development industry. You can apply for one of the offers below (if available). We also accept spontaneous applications. If you cannot find a position that matches your profile, you can, for example, send us your CV using the contact form. Below are the ideal profiles we are looking for.

  1. Web developers (web developer with skills in PHP, JS and CSS)
  2. Web integrators (Competence in content integration under solutions such as WordPress , Joomla , Magento )
  3. Content Writing
  4. Digital Marketing Coordinator
  5. Business developers.
  6. Other administrative positions

Why make a career with Prositeweb?

Working with Prositeweb allows you to develop your professional career quickly. Below are some advantages of working at Prositeweb.

Flexible hours

At Prositeweb, you can organize your schedules according to your convenience. Indeed, we believe in the balance between work and family. This is why we offer you the possibility of organizing yourself according to your family life.

Hybrid work

You can do so in a hybrid way for positions that do not require a mandatory presence in the office. Office presence is usually for meetings and collaboration with other team members. Also, you can decide to work in the office for three days and the other two days at home.

Innovate and learn every day

We are constantly exploring the tools we use. Working at Prositeweb allows you to innovate while learning. We offer you the possibility of following training courses to develop your skills constantly.

A bonus to stimulate you further

To encourage and reward you for the quality of your work, we provide you with performance bonuses. You can, for example, benefit from free fuel for a month, gift cards, cash back and much more.

All the narration above seems to motivate you?

If you want to pursue a career at Prositeweb, you can send us an unsolicited application. Where to apply for the offers below. You can send us a message via the contact form to send your spontaneous application. We will send you an email with the information to be completed.

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