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All emails I send go to the receivers spam folder. What are the reasons and how to fix?

All emails I send go to the receivers spam folder. What are the reasons and how to fix?

If your emails go to the receiver’s spam folder, we’ll look at the possible cause and how to fix it. It is frustrating for a company to know that its customers or contacts do not receive its messages. This can cause quite a considerable loss to the company. There are undoubtedly several explanations, and we will explore them together. It is possible to apply one or more recommendations for the resolution approach. Work, stress and burnout, man at computer reading spam email, glitch or 404 error in office. Headac

What are the reasons why emails go to the spam folder?

There are countless reasons why your emails may end up in a recipient’s junk or spam folder. Below are some reasons.

The Content of your email is suspicious.

Spam filters look for words and phrases commonly associated with spam, such as

  • buy now
  • Click here,
  • Congratulation,
  • You have won
  • many others.

So excessive use of capital letters, exclamation points or bright colours can trigger these filters.

Setup issues

You have not correctly configured your email to send messages. In this case, we can cite SPF, DKIM and DMARC records.

Sender reputation

If one or more receivers flag you as spam, you risk being blocked. Alternatively, if you send messages to emails that are no longer functional, you may face the same issue.

Mailing List Issues

There may be difficulties with your mailing list. We can list as examples:

  • You are emailing people who have not signed up to receive your emails. Therefore, message recipients will redirect your messages to their spam box. And thus, it will have an impact on your reputation.
  • Many people delete or ignore your emails without opening them. Such an action can also affect your reputation. Indeed, the mail servers consider that users are not interested in your messages if they never open them.

High sending rate

If you send many emails quickly, the email servers may consider your messages spam.

Blocked IP address or domain

If your IP address or domain has been blocked, it may impact the deliverability of your emails. Typically, email servers add a part to the blocklist it has sent spam in the past.

Non-compliance with spam laws

You do not comply with applicable spam laws and regulations, such as the CAN-Spam Act in the United States. It is important to note that each email service provider has algorithms for detecting spam. Therefore, what works for one provider may not work for another.

All emails I send to you are in the receiver’s spam folder. How to fix it?

Here are some suggestions to improve your emails:

Check your Content

Ensure your emails’ content does not contain words or phrases often associated with spam. Furthermore, avoid

  • excessive capitals,
  • exclamation marks
  • and spelling or grammatical errors.

Authenticate your emails

Use mechanisms such as

  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework),
  • DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)
  • and DMARC (Domain-based Message, Authentication, Reporting & Compliance)

These mechanisms will make it possible to authenticate your emails.

Manage your email list.

Make sure the contacts have consented to receive your emails. Indeed, sending unsolicited emails leads to a high bounce rate or complaints. As a result, this can damage your reputation as a sender.

Send valuable Content

Make sure your emails add value to the recipient. Another tip can be to validate if users still want to receive your emails.

Consistency in sending

Maintain a regular and consistent mailing schedule. Sporadic or large-volume sending may result in spam.

Ask recipients to add you to their contacts.

If you’re emailing people directly, ask them to add your email address to their contacts. This can continually prevent your emails from being sent to the spam folder.

Maintain a clean list.

Regularly clean up your email list to remove inactive subscribers. If your emails are generally unopened or marked as spam, this can cause spam issues.

Use a trusted email service.

Using a trusted email service provider can help ensure that your emails are delivered to the recipient’s inbox.

Test your emails

Send test emails to different email providers (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) to see if they are marked as spam. Online tools can also analyze your emails and assign them a “spam score.” Each email service provider has its algorithm for determining spam. Therefore, what works for one provider may not work for another.

Some examples of reliable email providers

Here are some examples of reputable email service providers.


SendGrid is one of the most popular email service providers for businesses. It offers various features, including a powerful API, email management interface, high deliverability, and excellent technical support.


Mailchimp is especially popular among small businesses. It offers a complete email marketing platform that includes email creation, list management, automation, and more.


Mailgun is another popular option, primarily focusing on influential API developers. It is particularly suitable for sending transactional emails.

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service)

Amazon SES is a cost-effective messaging service that offers great flexibility for developers with a powerful API.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an all-in-one email marketing platform that includes email templates, list management tools, analytics tools, and more.


SendinBlue is an email marketing platform that offers a variety of features, including texting, live chat, CRM, and more.


AWeber is another email marketing platform that offers a variety of features, including email templates, list management tools, automation tools, and more. Each service has pros and cons; choosing the right provider will depend on your needs.

Work with experts

If your emails are going into the receiver’s spam folder, we can help you fix it. Contact us for a free estimate.

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