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Prositeweb Inc. is a company based in Montreal East that offers design and development services, web platforms and e-commerce. For instance, after working for many years in web design for business, we have noticed several shortcomings that businesses encounter. Among these shortcomings, we noted the difficulty of having a better ranking on the internet. Their inability to have a website that targets the right audience. The lack of education of many companies that are afraid to go online.

The agency prositeweb Inc. was therefore born out of a desire to do things differently. We work daily to bring more to Canadian companies, and by the way.

What sets us apart

At first glance, you will certainly ask yourself the question as to why Prositeweb Inc and not the others. Several things set us apart from other agencies. To know:

    • Our expertise in several modern tools

    • The ability of the Prositeweb Inc team to go beyond technology

    • Our sense of creativity

    • Respect for deadlines

    • Your project is ours. Indeed, we have the success of your business at heart.

If you want to know more about Prositeweb Inc., see the section "Frequently Asked Questions."

This Prositeweb Inc offers as services.

Prositeweb offers website development services and e-commerce solutions based in Montreal.

Website design and software for companies

We work with companies in the design of their IT solution.

Our mission

The web sector is booming, particularly in Canada. Indeed, whether you are a student offering products in the form of affiliate product sales or a small neighbourhood business, you need to sell beyond your locality. Websites are therefore becoming more and more essential.

Our primary mission is to democratize the web and allow each individual to understand its usefulness. We work every day to give small businesses the means to succeed. Besides, we offer them the tools adapted to their reality.
Our promises and commitments

Our promises and commitments

Many companies trust us for our professionalism and our commitment to provide quality services. What we promise you

Fully mobile-friendly design

All the websites we develop are 100% responsive and suitable for all screen sizes. You don't have to spend extra money on mobile devices.

A unique and personalized solution

We work with businesses every day to help them redefine their website goals. To achieve our objectives, we take the time to analyze the companies' profiles, and we offer them personalized solutions.

Security is our priority

Security of your solution is our top priority. For example, a well-secured system will allow you to reassure your customers and avoid unnecessary long-term losses.

Why you should work with us

We offer tailor-made services in website creation, software development, mobile applications and search engine optimization.

Fully mobile-friendly design

A dedicated developer for your project

We assign a developer to support you throughout your development process. This allows you to follow up easily.


Expertise in several modern tools

Our team is equipped with experts in several modern tools. Indeed, we can support you on Magento, Shopify, WordPress, wooCommerce, Drupal projects. Besides, we are ready to adapt to your preferences.


The security of your website is guaranteed

Prositeweb invests heavily in the training of its staff in everything related to the security of web solutions. We always work with security approaches, and we reassure ourselves to apply good practices.


No hidden costs

We assure you a guarantee on the costs that we propose. Therefore, you don't have to worry about cost overruns. An exception can be made if the basic agreement is flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions

A solution adapted to your business. Analyze your competitors in order to better insert yourself in the market.

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We specialize in web, mobile and custom software application development. All the developers of Prositeweb inc. master the PHP development language.

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Framework7 is open source software for developing mobile applications; it can also be used as a prototyping tool.

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Android Studio is the ideal tool to create an Android application. If you want to develop a mobile application, you normally have a choice between two alternatives.

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Prositeweb inc. is an agency specializing in the development of web solutions. Over the years, we have turned more and more towards e-commerce and SMEs.

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Prositeweb inc. offers personalized solutions that give businesses the opportunity to grow their businesses online. One of the particularities of Prositeweb inc. is that it is 100% conversion oriented. This is because we believe that all websites should achieve their goal of generating more leads or generating sales.

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we master those tools

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Google Merchant
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What is Joomla and how do I use it?
Android Studio
Framework 7

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