A comparison between wix and WordPres (open-source)

Do you want to know the main differences between Wix and WordPress? Today we’re going to make a quick comparison between WordPress and Wix. Next, we’ll tell you why we prefer WordPress to Wix.

A little glimpse of Wix

Wix is an online tool that allows you to design your website or e-commerce platform. It will enable you to create a website in a few hours with its drag and drops feature. So whether you are a web enthusiast or an expert, you must make your account and get started. First, we will take a look at some pros and cons of Wix.

Wix gives you the option to create an account for free. Then you can use your website with their domain name if you don’t subscribe to a paid plan.

Benefits of Wix

Wix offers several advantages that should not be overlooked:

  • You can have a website without spending a single penny. Indeed, the basic plan of Wix is 100% free. So, you can build your site and publish it without spending any money.
  • A “Drag and drop” feature. You can create your website under Wix by dragging and dropping the components. With this feature, you don’t have to be a developer to manage your website.
  • Wix offers technical support for all customers with a paid subscription. For this purpose, if you subscribe to one of the monthly plans, you can contact Wix at any time if needed.
  • It offers free hosting and technical support. Unlike self-hosted solutions, you don’t have to worry about your server security or maintenance. These aspects are taken care of by Wix.

Some disadvantages of Wix

The Wix platform has a few drawbacks that we will discuss in what follows.

  • Wix is not a very flexible solution. If you are a business or individual who likes to push your limits, you will find that you cannot cross certain boundaries with Wix. For example, you have access to a website design interface but cannot customize it beyond the features offered.
  • The platform is not suitable enough for SEO. Regarding SEO, some things depend, for example, on optimizing the code or improving certain aspects of the site. Since Wix does not give you access to all regulations, you may ultimately have difficulty optimizing your website.
  • Some version of Wix does not offer the possibility of having a transactional website. — Unless you subscribe to a paid plan for Companies or E-commerce, you cannot sell on your Wix site.

An overview of WordPress (open-source)

WordPress is website design software. It is available in two versions; the version with subscription wordpress.com and the free and open-source version downloadable under wordpress.org. You can see the difference between these two versions via This article. In this article, we are going to talk about open-source WordPress. In the following, we will see the pros and cons of the WordPress open-source version.

Advantages of WordPress open-source version

WordPress offers several advantages; namely:

  • WordPress is free. If you can afford to spend a few dollars on hosting, you can use WordPress for free for your website design.
  • Thousands of features are ready for use. To have better visibility on the net, you will easily find several features related to WordPress. These features are available as extensions. Indeed, it is relatively easy to install extensions on WordPress. Moreover, some of them are free.
  • WordPress is open source. Unlike subscription solutions like Wix, WordPress is 100% genuine. Thus, you have free access to the source code. This feature is handy when the time comes to do the SEO or improve performance.
  • You can convert your WordPress website to e-commerce at any time. So if you are tempted to sell online one morning, nothing prevents you from doing it with WordPress. Indeed, the WordPress WooCommerce extension allows you to convert your site into a store in a few minutes. You can install the extension and use shortcodes to display the products on your pages.
  • You can use WordPress to achieve various types of solutions. WordPress is very flexible. For instance, you can use it to develop websites, intranets, business applications or even mobile applications.
  • WordPress is effortless to use for dynamic web design. For example, you can automate certain activities on your site using personalized codes.

While WordPress is the perfect tool for web design, it also has drawbacks. We will cite a few below.

Some disadvantages of WordPress

If you intend to use WordPress for your website design, you should be aware of its downsides.

  • It would be best if you had a web server for your website. Unlike Wix, where you can create your account and get started, you must subscribe to an online web server and have a domain name for your site.
  • As a direct implication of the point above, you need to take care of your server management and possibly updates. It is important to remember that your server’s maintenance plays a vital role in your online activities’ survival. Therefore, you have to take this aspect very seriously.
  • A very high risk of security and performance breaches. Considering the ease of use of WordPress, many newbies abuse it by overloading the site with plugins that can impact security and performance.
  • Managing WordPress can get complex. With the multitude of options and plugins on WordPress, management can become very complicated. Several developers offer solutions to manage or develop a WordPress website. Unfortunately, misusing additional tools can weigh down the website instead of making it easier to manage.

Choosing between Wix and WordPress

WordPress offers numerous advantages for dynamic website design. For example, since we can access the codes and the database, making the site dynamic or automating certain development aspects is easy. Prositeweb prefers  WordPress over Wix for the following reasons:

  • WordPress is open-source. Thanks to this option, it is easy to implement your idea without being confronted with limitations due to access to the code. With Wix, for example, you cannot go beyond the options offered by the Wix company.
  • WordPress offers more advantages when it comes to dynamic website development. For example, with WordPress, you can create numerous pages’ reusable codes (themes). So, you can create your pages as quickly as possible without having to do them all the time.
  • Additional features don’t cost you anything unless you have subscribed to an extension. For example, on Wix, you must purchase a subscription that can cost you a little more to sell online or have a personalized domain name. Whereas, on WordPress, you have the freedom to add features without spending.


Between Wix and WordPress, Wix is a solution if you don’t want to worry about your website’s web server. Or if you’re going to use the functionality of carrying and dropping to create your site without always having to depend on a developer. On the other hand, if you want a more flexible and self-hosted solution, WordPress may be ideal.

Contact us if you need advice on choosing a tool for your business. It will be a pleasure to assist you.

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