6 tips to ensure better continuity of your website.

For any business, being able to ensure the continuity of its website is critical. Indeed, a project, which you cannot maintain, is destined to certain death. Therefore, before taking the initiative to design your website, you must take the time to validate a set of things. Namely, the technology, the ability to make updates, the development process, the quality of your site, a set of validation elements. In today’s article, we will see 6 tips to ensure better continuity of your website. If you have a website exists, here’s how to be reassured that a set of measures are in place to avoid future problems.

6 tips to ensure better continuity of your website

If you are in the process of developing a new website, here are 6 tips that can help you keep your website going.

6 tips to ensure better continuity of your website.

1- Inform yourself before choosing the technology to use for your website

The technology you use can have a pretty big impact on the survival of your website. Indeed, several solutions have a large community of developers. This makes it easy for you to get the help you need when you need it. On the other hand, several clues can help predict a solution’s future and deviate from avoiding future problems.

Issue if a company chooses a technology without being well-informed

The issue here is not finding enough people to continue monitoring your site if developer interest wanes. That is why for your business, you should choose a technology that has broad technical support. This community will assist you if a problem. Also, choose a technology that is easy to use like that. If your developer lets you down the road, someone else can easily continue monitoring your site. In this case, you could easily continue some changes by looking for a new developer.

Some advantages to inform yourself before choosing a solution

Here are some advantages that you may have to educate yourself before choosing a solution.

  • Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your solution. Indeed, each software has its particularity and ignoring this can have serious consequences. For example, if you want to develop a business website, choosing Magento over WordPress or Drupal might be a bad idea.
  • Evaluate trends before you jump in. There are thousands of website design solutions. However, many of them disappear over time. That said, if you choose a solution, and it is no longer maintained, you run the risk of having to redevelop your website.
  • Get help when needed. The community is essential in the web sector. When you educate yourself about technology, you can find out whether the solution you want to choose has many developers. Several solutions, although effective, have less interest than others; therefore, you have to spend a lot to find help. The most important thing is to assess the pros and cons.
  • Make sure there is a way out. Several CMS gives the possibility of easily importing the content (provided that the website respects a set of standards). So, in case of dissatisfaction, you can easily migrate to another solution.


2- Continuously update or learn about new products

Each (update) comes with new features or codes aimed at fixing the vulnerabilities of previous versions. On the other hand, some solutions can entirely change their platform’s structure to adapt to a new reality. As a business, you can be in the know only by updating or educating yourself regularly.

Some advantages of updates

There are several advantages to updating your website.

  • Firstly, thanks to the updates, you can fix the security holes of the previous versions.
  • Second, updating helps to stay the course against the competition. As you know, the web world is constantly evolving; therefore, being able to adapt is a plus for your business.
  • Then, when you do the updates, it allows you to improve your work internally. Several tools are evolving, giving the possibility to users to simplify their way of working. A concrete example is the WordPress platform. Over the years, it has evolved exponentially, focusing change on the customer experience. You can, for example, create your website with the WordPress editor without needing too many web development skills.


3 – The development process

In the web world, there are several ways to achieve the same solution. However, to facilitate continuity, a set of standards is defined to ensure that all developers collaborate in their work. However, if your developer does not follow developing the solution you have, it can become difficult to update or continue with the project.

Why is it important to respect the development process?

There are several advantages to following the process of developing a solution. Among the advantages are:

  • Standardization of codes. An external developer who takes over your site can easily find his bearings.
  • The ease of making updates. Several solutions are not easy to maintain simply because the code does not follow a certain standard.
  • Easy collaboration. In your web project, several developers can participate if the platform respects the global standard.

4- Prioritization of quality over development cost

A sad reality in the entrepreneurial world is that many companies focus on the cheapest. They do not take into consideration the quality or the added value. As a direct consequence, they later end up with a platform that is difficult to maintain.

The advantages of prioritizing quality over cost

There are several advantages of choosing quality over development cost.

  • You will pay for several resources that will help in building a better website. It takes more than design and editing the pages to make a site. Hence, those who focus on cost risk having fewer complete platforms.
  • Second, invest in performance and safety. A structured company takes the time to validate all aspects of the website. This inevitably generates additional costs. Wanting to pay less is to run the risk of having a less efficient site.
  • Work with the best in the fields of the Web. Expertise is associated with costs. If you work with experts, you will worry less about the right approach to web development.


With several years of experience, we have found that many people prefer to choose cheaper technologies. We recommend that you choose your solution not in terms of cost but rather value and functionality. This will prevent you from double-spending. Some developers do the work at a meagre cost, yet they have no experience in reality and will likely do work that will be difficult for another developer to continue.


5- Request a validation report of the important aspects of your website.

Several websites look visually beautiful but chaotic from the inside. An important aspects report can help validate that a set of features are on your site. So, when you want to develop your website, take the time to validate the security aspect, the performance, the compatibility with the different browsers, etc.

Why request a validation report?

There are several advantages to requesting a validation report for important aspects of your website.

  • Detects vulnerabilities on the site. This report will let you know which aspect of your site is not performing. For example, you can find out if navigation is easy on any device (phone, computer or tablet).
  • Improvement of your site. An analysis of your site allows you to improve against the competition. You could survey your competition, measure what is working and what not for your competition, and select what to use for your site through this report.
  • Easy to use. Also, having a report of your site may allow other developers to continue monitoring your site.

6 – Do not develop in the base code. Use a child theme or feature extensions.

A child theme is an option that allows you to do all of your development processes from there. Extensions allow you to be able to develop your site upstream.

Why a child theme or a feature extension?

  • At first, developing the original code eliminates the possibility of having to make updates. Indeed, when a company has to make updates, it generally overwrites the existing codes with the new ones. For this purpose, if you have changed the base code, you may have to start your scratch changes. The child theme or extension gives you the ability to make your updates without having to start your development process all over again.
  • Then, an extension developed in-house is easily maintainable. By working internally on an extension to extend core tools’ functionality, you can easily delegate the task to multiple developers with less to explain.
  • You can easily carry your features to another theme without having to lose your work. If you want to make a change to your design in the future, you can do it as easily as possible. For example: Let’s say you buy a theme for your website. And it doesn’t have a contacts/s/ form. Let’s assume you decide to make a child theme with a contacts/s/ form. Soon, if you change the design, you won’t risk losing your contacts/s/ form just because you can transfer the child theme to the new theme.


Having a website is good, but having a well-maintained website that is even better. After designing your website, be sure to follow these tips mentioned above to manage your website. However, if you don’t have enough time to do it on your own, you can contacts/s/ us to track your website.


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