4 Tips to improve the ranking of your WordPress site

Do you want to boost the SEO of your WordPress website? Today’s article is for you. As you might already know, WordPress has the distinction of being the most widely used content manager in the world. It offers several content management options. Whether you are an expert or an amateur, you will inevitably find your account there. In this article, we are going to talk about four tips that will help you position yourself better on the net.

1 – Improve the performance of your website

The performance of a website in general has a fairly large impact on the bounce rate. Indeed, when your website is slow, a good number of visitors leave immediately after visiting the first page. This sends the wrong signal to search engines. In their classification, search engines display content based on relevance. Relevancy comes first and foremost in the amount of time a visitor spends on your site.

To improve the performance of your website, you should generally work on 2 aspects:

  • Page performance
  • The web server you are using

Page performance

WordPress offers various approaches to optimize page performance. Below are some examples of things you can do:

  • Optimize photos before adding them to your website. On WordPress, you can use the Smush plugin to achieve this goal. After installation, you can access the configuration of Smush to analyze and optimize your photos,
  • Compress and merge CSS and JS files for your website. – The CSS and JS files you use have a significant impact on the performance of your website. This is because for your website to display normally, it needs to run every available resource. Therefore, it takes some time for the server to perform this maneuver. Compressing and merging CSS and JS files consists of bundling all of their data into single files to reduce loading time. – You can use extensions such as LiteSpeed Cache or FAST MINIFY VELOCITY
  • Avoid Iframes on your main pages. Iframes are blocks of code that you can find on platforms like YouTube. On a desktop computer, Iframes seem to have less impact.

The web server

Your server configuration can also impact performance. To better optimize your server, you need to assess the resources and see with your host. Note that for Apache servers, you have an .htaccess file to make adjustments as needed.

2- Improve the adaptability of your website to mobiles and tablets

The number of users browsing mobile phones is increasing every day. However, if your website is not suitable for mobile phones or tablets, you will lose a good part of the potential customers.

On WordPress, to improve adaptability to mobiles and tablets, you must:

  • Either use an responsive theme, or
  • Work with a developer to improve your current design.

Google Offers several tools that you can use in your business

The purpose of the mobile optimization test platform is to assess whether your pages are suitable for mobile. You can also use the report to improve your website. Google Search Console quanta is a statistical tool to improve natural referencing.

3 – The security of your website

The security of your website is an important aspect when it comes to website SEO. Indeed, many search engines will not want to suggest your website if it is not secure enough. That said, there are steps you need to take to improve the security of your WordPress site. This will be beneficial for you and your visitors. Regarding security, here are some things you need to validate.

  • The security of the forms on your website. For this, you can use Captchas. There are several WordPress plugins that could help you protect forms from spam or login attempts.
  • The security certificate. In recent years, browsers such as Google Chrome have sanctioned users who do not have a security certificate.

WordPress provides access to a space to validate the security of your website. You may want to check back from time to time to make sure your website is up to date. Some recommendations are:

  • Removal of unused extensions and themes
  • Server configuration.

4 – The quality and quantity of your content

Your content is the key to your success on the net. Indeed, if you really want to improve the SEO of your WordPress website, you have to work on having quality content. The relevance of your content will drive your visitors to be interested in it. In addition to the quality, you have to work on the quantity. The more data you provide on a topic, the more you increase your visibility on search engines.

On WordPress, we can particularly recommend the Yoast SEO plugin. It’s a great tool that makes SEO your WordPress website easy. This solution will give you recommendations such as:

  • How much content you need to have for better visibility
  • How to structure your sentences
  • some good SEO practices
  • Configure the header of your pages to facilitate indexing


Improving the SEO of your WordPress website is not always easy. It involves working on your content, solution, and several other external factors on a regular basis. If you need professional help to help you grow better online, contacts/s/ us.

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