10 reasons you should use content management systems (CMS) for your web project

Content management systems are software that allow you to easily create and manage a website. One of the particularities is the possibility to simply modify its content from an administrator panel. Indeed, the majority of CMS have an interface that allows even the beginner to manage a website. Today, we see together 10 good reasons that you will have to use content managers for your web project.

A background on the past in web development

In the past, the first websites were generally static. In other words, developers had to be at the forefront of the web. They were responsible for the creation, management and updating of the texts. This must have been a difficult task. This approach seemed to be correct for that time until limitations were noticed.

  • The difficulty created several web pages – As a page of the site represented a code document, it made the management complicated.
  • Several sources of errors – A deleted link added in a document that the developer forgot was to refer to 404 pages.
  • It is difficult to evolve with content management.
  • Several other problems.

Since then, the web world has changed dramatically. Indeed, nowadays, there are thousands of facilities to design a website or an online store. Among these facilities, we have content management systems (CMS) and frameworks. Below are the 10 advantages of CMS.

1 – No need to always rely on a web developer

A CMS gives you a certain autonomy in the management of your content. In the past, you had the option of a purely static website or working in partnership with a developer. CMS has completely transformed the process. With a website under a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, you can edit your content like a professional.

It is relatively easier to create turnkey solutions with CMS. Indeed, the concept of website creation has greatly evolved over the years. You can, for example, give the mandate to the professionals and then receive training for the management.

2 – Create an unlimited number of web pages

Thanks to CMS, the creation of pages has become a child’s play. With one click you can create a new page and publish it. This has become possible with the databases that allow to store the data. This capability helps you easily offer a variety of content to your customers.

3 – Add functionality to your content managers without accessing the codes

Most CMS offer a very simple approach that can help you add features. If you wish, for example. put a newsletter form on your website, via a CMS like WordPress, you can access a bank with several options.

4 – Reduce errors and improve search engine positioning

One of the characteristics of CMS is flexibility. Indeed, you can simply modify the content, reduce errors and adapt to your reality. The web world is constantly evolving and requires adjustments. With the advent of search engines, you need a tool that makes your life easier.

5 – Changing the design of content managers is very easy

If you don’t seem to like the current design anymore, you can easily change it if you use a CMS. This change may not require the intervention of a developer. Indeed, many web design software have an easy to understand procedure regarding the installation of a theme.

6 – Easily change your web design software

Sometimes, a software is no longer adapted to your needs. With a static website, it would mean that you have to redo your entire website. However, if you have a content manager, the transition can easily be made. Indeed, since CMS stores data in a database, you can simply copy and re-import into another software. It is important that the import could be done after evaluating the structure of the new database.

7 – a developer no longer has a monopoly on your website

The issue of being able to hand off a project to another developer has been very common with custom development. Although with a content manager, a developer can choose his approach, it is relatively easy to understand if you decide to entrust a different developer. Indeed, when you design a website, several scenarios can be possible.

  • You are not satisfied with the work of the developer who designs your website
  • The developer subscribes along the way
  • Your developer does not have the skill to implement advanced features.

When you are faced with the agonizing choice of changing your work team, CMS seems to be the ideal solution. Here are some reasons:

  • There are thousands of developers (a community) to support you in your project
  • The documentation of most modern CMS is easy to understand
  • A development structure is pre-defined. This makes it easy to navigate through the code.

8 – Easily separate content from technology

The tools we use for web design are evolving dramatically. For this reason, some CMS will tend to disappear to make room for the new ones. That’s why using a content manager can help you separate your content from the technology. This will make it easier for you if you choose a different solution. If you want to use your content for other purposes, exporting can be very easy.

9 – Test and validate your ideas before publishing

CMS such as WordPress or Magento have features that allow you to save content as a draft while you make validations. This can be useful if you have a concept that will be published soon.

10 – Facilitate collaboration with a development or marketing team

Creating a quality website can take a lot of resources. Indeed, to finalize your website, you can solicit a developer, content writer, marketing coordinator, SEO specialist. All these people can contribute or work in parallel if you have the right tools. CMS make the task a little easier as it allows each actor to fully perform his role.

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